PCHES researchers take lead roles in MSD community

PCHES researchers Klaus Keller and Vivek Srikrishnan are taking leading roles in the MultiSector Dynamics (MSD) community.

Keller, professor of geosciences at Penn State, is serving as co-chair of the MSD Scientific Steering Group. Srikrishnan, assistant research professor at Penn State, is co-chair of the Uncertainty Quantification and Scenario Development (UQ/SD) working group. The UQ/SD working group “studies the propagation of uncertainties, including deep uncertainties, through multi-sector systems”.

The MSD community is a “multi-disciplinary collective of researchers based at universities and national labs across the United States” who work “at the interface of human and natural systems.” As part of an interdisciplinary program investigating the coupling of human and earth systems, PCHES researchers are well-suited to take leadership roles in the MSD community.

For more information on the MSD community visit multisectordynamics.org.