SIMPLE-G: A multiscale framework for integration of economic and biophysical determinants of sustainability

U. L. Baldos, I. Haqiqi, T. W. Hertel, M. Horridge, and J. Liu

Environmental Modelling & Software (1 November 2020)

DOI: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2020.104805


We introduce SIMPLE-G, a Simplified International Model of agricultural Prices, Land use, and the Environment- Gridded version, which is a novel tool for evaluating sustainability policies in a global context while factoring in local heterogeneity in land and water resources and natural ecosystem services. This multi-scale model can provide boundary conditions for local decision makers, as well as capturing feedback from local policies to national and global scales. To illustrate its value in environmental analysis, we provide two applications of the model. First, we quantify the local stresses on land and water resources due to global changes in population, income, and productivity. Second, we quantify the global impacts of local policy responses and adaptations to water scarcity.

keywords: Sustainability; Agriculture; Environmental stresses; Multiscale modelling; Global change; Water scarcity; Land use

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