The Program on Coupled Human and Earth Systems (PCHES) is a transdisciplinary research consortium of nine leading universities. Funded under the U.S. Department of Energy's MultiSector Dynamics (MSD) program, the PCHES team focuses on driving innovations in modeling and analysis of multisector, multiscale land, energy, water, and infrastructure systems to advance understanding of complex risk and response behaviors.
Press Release on PCHES-ADAPT Project Launch
Spotlight on Research
Statistically bias-corrected and downscaled climate models underestimate the adverse effects of extreme heat on U.S. maize yields
D. C. Lafferty, R. L. Sriver, I. Haqiqi, T. W. Hertel, K. Keller, and R. E. Nicholas
Communications Earth & Environment | September 2021
Global vulnerability of crop yields to climate change
I. Sue Wing, E. De Cian, and M. N. Mistry
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management | September 2021
Market expectations of a warming climate
W. Schlenker and C. A. Taylor
Journal of Financial Economics | April 2021
Coordination and control – limits in standard representations of multi-reservoir operations in hydrological modeling
C. Rougé, P. M. Reed, D. S. Grogan, S. Zuidema, A. Prusevich, S. Glidden, J. R. Lamontagne, and R. B. Lammers
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences | March 2021