PCHES at AGU 2021 Fall Meeting

PCHES participants across five universities presented new PCHES-FRAME research at the 2021 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting held Dec 13-17.

PCHES Posters & Presentations

Can property level flood losses be reliably predicted?
Adam Pollack5, Ian Sue Wing5
Monday, 13 December
Poster, GC15E-0734
Characterizing Uncertainties in the Crop Switching Decision Problem for U.S. Agriculture
David Lafferty4, Ryan Sriver4
Monday, 13 December
Talk, GC12B-05
Statistically bias-corrected and downscaled climate models underestimate the adverse effects of extreme heat on U.S. maize yields
Ryan Sriver4, David Lafferty4, Iman Haqiqi1, Thomas Hertel1, Klaus Keller3, Robert Nicholas2
Monday, 13 December
Poster, GC15E-0748
Characterizing Deep Uncertainties is Crucial to Improving Climate Risk Management
Klaus Keller3
Monday, 13 December
Talk, GC12B-01
How important is model calibration for improving flood hazard characterization?
Sanjib Sharma2, Ben Seiyon Lee7, Iman Hosseini-Shakib2, Murali Haran2, Klaus Keller3
Wednesday, 15 December
Poster, H35H-1124
Adaptation to Human Heat Stress: The Role of Labor Migration, Economic Responses, and Land Use Changes
Iman Haqiqi1, Cicero de Lima1, Thomas Hertel1
Thursday, 16 December
Virtual Poster, GC43E-02
Key Uncertainties Differ When Characterizing Flood Hazards Versus Risks
Iman Hosseini-Shakib2, Sanjib Sharma2, Vivek Srikrishnan6, Klaus Keller3
Friday, 17 December
Poster, H55J-0847

1Purdue University, 2Penn State University, 3Dartmouth College, 4University of Illinois, 5Boston University, 6Cornell University, 7George Mason University

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