PCHES at AGU 2020 Fall Meeting


  • Iman Haqiqi1
  • Jill Horing2
  • David Lafferty3
  • Brian Reed2
  • Vivek Srikrishnan4
  • Ryan Sriver3
1Purdue University, 2Stanford University, 3University of Illinois, 4Penn State University

PCHES Posters & Presentations

Climate for Data Scientists: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Expertise to Provide Decision Support Tools in a Changing Climate
Brian Reed
Monday, 7 December
Poster, SY004-0006
Multisector Dynamics: Science and Modeling for Societal Transformations II
Vivek Srikrishnan (Session Chair)
Friday, 11 December
Session, GC075
Uncertainty in Energy-Water Climate Impacts: Review and Recommendations
Jill Horing
Friday, 11 December
Talk, GC075-04
Uncertainties in Driving Agricultural Models with Downscaled and Bias-Corrected Climate Information
David Lafferty
Friday, 11 December
Talk, GC075-07
Exploring sea-level rise uncertainties using CMIP5/CMIP6 ensembles combined with a reduced complexity climate model (Hector-BRICK)
Ryan Sriver
Friday, 11 December
Poster, GC073-0007
Environmental Stressors Can Intensify the Impacts of Pandemics on Earth's Natural Resources and Global Food Systems
Iman Haqiqi
Wednesday, 16 December
Talk, GH023-05